Prices & Info

Here at Sharp Images we don't do the same thing that most studios offer (offering packages featuring the same photography coverage and adding products that increase in price and a sales person trying to sell you on upgrades).

At Sharp Images we decided to do things a bit different utilizing Peters 25 years of experience photographing weddings and working with different couples.

            We offer 4 types of weddings allowing you to completely customize your package  

    * The Novella , for small informal weddings
                     * The Classical, a more Traditional format.
              * The Storybook, a more modern approach.
        *  The Barefoot, geared toward destinations.

         True Customization

Once you have chosen the style of coverage most suitable , you will then be able to choose the album of your choice.

At Sharp Images we offer a variety of ways to display your photos from the more traditional album to the Italian coffee table book from Graphistudio... even the latest in photo animation montages where your photos can come to life! (ask to see a sample!) In fact we offer 7 different types of album , catering to all tastes and budgets.

 Extras, such as Thank you cards, portraits and parent albums can then also be added.

 And with prices ranging from $1500 to $5500 (including album)there is something for everyone.

Call Sharp Images today to schedule a Free appointment with Peter to chat about your upcoming wedding. He will show you sample albums, walk you through your day ,go through prices and give you lots of creative ideas.

Come and meet Peter and see how his outgoing, fun personality and energy levels will help you create the wedding of your dreams